I Don’t Know What To Write

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Writer’s Block. What the fuck.

How can I not know what to write?  Seriously, there are 256 posts on here and I don’t know what to write?

What if people hate it? What if people love it? Both will probably happen and both should be fine

It’s not about not knowing what to write, it’s about not being willing to step out of my comfort zone. Isn’t the comfort zone there to protect me from harm. No. The comfort zone is there to kill me. The comfort zone is about being safe. The comfort zone is about being boring. The comfort zone if about being forgettable.

Only by caring enough to get out of my comfort zone will I be able to write what I feel. Only by stepping out on to the edge, facing the uncertainty and embracing the fear will I be able to speak from my heart.

My heart is my power. My heart is my passion. This is what I am here to share.

Career Advice I Would Give My Younger Self

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Part random, part purposeful my career progression is what it is. I had four or five majors before I graduated. I had plans to jump into a good job out of college but started at the bottom doing collections for a finance company. I worked in banking until my mid-30’s then decided to take control and shift careers into what would end up being my job working with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Am I where I envisioned I would be at 53 years old? Hell no, but I have learned a great deal and as soon as I finish my time machine I’ll be ready for a fresh re-start. Until then here are some tips that could maybe help people the right doors opened for their career success. Read More

Don’t Let Bozosity Grind You Down

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What do you do when you have one of those days where you just get tired of trying to push the bolder up the hill? You know that if you stop moving forward the bolder will start rolling back and crush you so you persevere regardless of how drained you feel. I recently felt like that. In my efforts to look for inspiration I pulled out Rules For Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki. It is an older book but the rules hold true. The one rule that I always remember is “Don’t Let The Bozosity Grind You Down”. There are so many bozos out there disguised as “experts” that are all willing to tell you how what you are doing won’t work. That is when you must have faith, believe in yourself and not give up. Read More