5 Tips For Writing For Your Customer

Guest Post by Laurie Zinn, Line-By-Line

5 tipsAs a business owner, you have countless opportunities to stay connected with your customers. Through your website, blogs, social media and email marketing, you can communicate your messages through several different outlets at any time of day.

But just because you’re out there doesn’t mean you’re getting read.

If your content isn’t written well – if it’s too long, too complicated or too self-absorbed – you will lose your customer’s attention. They will leave your website, ignore your social media posts and delete your emailed newsletters.

To keep your customers engaged, informed and reading your content, you must write for them. Not for yourself, not for your business, but for them.

Here are five tips for generating customer-focused content that will keep your customers reading and coming back for more:

Tip #1: Identify your audience. If you are writing for everyone you are writing for no one. You need to find your target audience. Who will need your product or service? How will it help them? You must target your communications to those customers who have a need you can fulfill. Consider their age, gender, background and education. Keep a picture of your target audience in your mind as you write.

Tip #2: Make an outline. Organize your thoughts in a logical order before writing. Consider what they need to know and how you want the information to be presented. Using headings and subheadings can help arrange your information into topics. If your content is organized and easy to read, your customers will be more likely to read it in its entirety.

Tip #3: Write about topics that help your customer. Offering useful, helpful content that educates your customer is a great way to earn their trust. Whether it’s a complimentary e-book, YouTube video or how-to article, offer information that relates to your business for free. You will establish yourself as a credible resource and one of the first places your customers will turn when it’s time to buy.

Tip #4: Write about the benefits, not the features. When you do talk about your product or service, articulate what’s in it for them. Pouring on the hard sell about your product or service is a sure way to alienate your customer. How is it going to make their lives better or solve a problem they have? With each paragraph you write, ask yourself “What does this mean to them?” Then write the answer.

Tip #5: Make your writing simple.  Use a helpful, friendly voice that is personable and likeable. Keep your paragraphs short and your sentences to the point. Avoid slang, jargon or complicated, technical descriptions. Your customers will be more impressed when you can simplify something complicated and write it in a way they understand.

When customers read your content, feel like they are understood, are getting their questions answered or are being educated about something they care about, you have done your job well. And you will be rewarded with a paying customer.



Laurie Zinn is a freelance copywriter and owner of Line-By-Line. She writes content for her clients’ marketing projects, such as websites, blogs, e-newsletters and social media. You can learn more about Line-By-Line by visiting her website at www.line-by-line.us or following her on Facebook or Twitter.