Art of the Start

I thought I’d give a plug to Guy Kawasaki’s book The Art of the Start.  It’s been out about a year now and it has gotten good press.  Guy was here and spoke at the Ohio Growth Summit back in June.  As a matter of fact he is pictured with me and Nick Warnock (who appeared on the first season of the Apprentice) on the left side of this site.  I’ve seen Guy speak several times and read most of his books.  Guy is an entertaining speaker and writer.  He has seen a lot since his early days at Apple in the Macintosh division.  The Art of the Start won’t be confused for a detailed text book but it contains good information for early stage entrepreneurs.  He does, however, hit the key points in starting a business, specifically a high growth business.  Many of his points are the same thing I tell people on a daily basis. 

His major thrust is to encourage entrepreneurs to build businesses and make meaning, don’t do it for the money.  I agree with this however don’t forget totally about the money.  When seeking to build an high growth business and seek investors it is important to show a solid business that is addressing a true need in the market.  Build a business that provides something people need and "will pay for".  That is the key…who is out there to buy your product and how will you get them to buy it.  If you can answer that you are on the right rack with your business.