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Creating An Investor Pitch Deck

Pitching potential investors is a pretty involved process. It can be nerve racking but it doesn’t need to be. Entrepreneurs often get so focused on the opinion of the investor because they are focused on receiving cash for their business. This creates increased stress and pressure on the entrepreneur to say “the right thing” to impress the investor. It really shouldn’t be about impressing anyone rather it should be about laying out the plan for your business and finding people who buy into the vision of the business. The way you share the plan is through a properly developed presentation.

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Columbus Funds ~ Understand How To Fund Your Small Business or Social Enterprise In Columbus, Ohio

For the past 25 years I have worked with entrepreneurs to get their businesses funded. I have seen the frustration on the faces of many business owners as they pitch and apply for funding only to be turned down over and over again. The challenge many people face is really self inflicted. Many times they are seeking the wrong capital for their type of business and/or stage of business. People really need to understand that there is a funding continuum and if you want to succeed in funding your business you need to make sure that your type of business, the timing of your request and the funding source all match up.

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Five Tips For Pitching For Investment Money

You have come up with the multi-million dollar business idea and now it is time to start pitching investors for start-up capital. Here are five quick tips to consider when preparing to pitch your business to investors.

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