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What Do I Need To Get Funding?

Lately I have been getting a lot more “Where do I get money” calls. The question should not be “where” but rather “how” do I get money? It is all about building a real business. The key point to be able to articulate is how you are getting customers. If you haven’t figured that out don’t waste your time looking for money. You have to build out your idea into a business before you can get funding. Here are some steps to make you more successful in your efforts.

Small Business Financing and Funding

Presentation slides from BOSS 2011 presentation on Financing and Funding. The basic premise is that there is a funding continuum that dictates what kind of funding you should be seeking based on where your business lies on the continuum. The key for early stage businesses is to have a great product, plan and strategy that will allow them to move further down the contiuum closer to they type of funding they are seeking. The attached slides touch on each stage of the Funding Continuum with some insights on working each stage of the process.