Category: Personal Growth

Are You Sharp?

Sharpening the saw in business is about taking a step back, looking at what is going on around you and how to make your business better. Many entrepreneurs and business professionals (everyone for that matter) feel they can’t stop and have to keep pushing forward at full speed. The problem with this is that you are going to miss opportunities for your business and yourself. Doesn’t matter how much you like what you are doing you have to give your mind a chance to catch up.

Personal Branding Without Being A Jackass

The more I’ve gotten into social media over the past few years the more offended I’ve become by some people’s attempt to build their personal brand. I have a number of friends I follow, particularly on Facebook, that are so annoying it is incredible. There are others that are using the “Fake it until you make it” theory doing and saying things on-line that they can’t back-up in real life. Both cases are using what all of us hate about personal branding the “Look At Me, I’m Great” technique to promote and push themselves out into the public.