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Dream, Declare and Most Importantly Deliver


I have watched people quit their jobs to start the business of their dreams then never start the business only to go back and work in the cubical farm.

I have watched people who have created their dream business then spend more time playing around and taking pats on the back for a job not yet done than they spend on running the business.

I have watched people in college enroll in their dream degree program, kick ass in the classes but not do what it takes to succeed after college.

To be clear, I absolutely believe in Dream, Declare and Deliver. I have seen it work. The challenge in each of these situations is that the people Dreamed and Declared but left out a step. They became distracted because they didn’t focus on Delivering.

If you dream and declare you still have to deliver. Delivering is on you. You get to live and breathe the vision. You get to create goals that will get you to your declaration. Most importantly you get to be committed to accomplishing these goals and going after the next goal and then the next goal until you are complete. Whatever it takes you do.

I was recently a leader in a group of amazing people who Dreamed that we could make a difference for a local charity in a 30 day window of time. We Declared that we could raise over $100,000 for this charity in 30 days. Had we stopped there we would not have been anywhere close to raising $100,000 but we added the most important part. We Delivered. We did the work. Not only did we work but we busted our ass doing the work. We had a vision, we had a goal and we had a plan, we worked the plan and at the end of the 30 days we had raised $105,000.

So what are you up to? What are your dreams, what are you willing to declare to the world that you will create? Most importantly how much work are you willing to put in to deliver?

Michael Bowers

Michael has worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners for over 25 years. He has a diverse business skill set with experience in banking, private equity, strategic planning, digital media and marketing.

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