Hate Sales…Why?

by Michael Bowers

Most people get into business because they have a passion for what it is they are doing.  They have a passion about their product or service that drives them to share this with the world.  However, many of these same people do not share the same passion around business activities especially sales (and of course accounting but everybody hates accounting). Why is that? I would suspect that is because people think they need to emulate the negative stereotype of the slick talking, product pushing sales person.  They are not comfortable with all the "Mr prospect, what do I have to do to get you to buy today" closing techniques.  If you are like me you vision of hell is spending eternity negotiating to buy a car. 

Sales is not about getting someone to buy what they don't want or need. Sales is about helping the person make a decision to select what they want. To succeed in sales the biggest thing to remember is to "Create Value" for your customer. No one will be a bigger cheerleader for your product than you.  No one can better articulate the value of your product than you.  You should want to speak to people to get them to buy your product.  Only through the process of selling can you share what you have brought to life when you started your business.

To get you started here are a few tips to make sales a little more palatable for the non-sales oriented business owner.

  • You don't have to slick you hair back to sell ~ Not everyone is the extroverted, natural sales person but anyone can sell.  Be yourself and share the value that makes your product a must have.
  • Objections are requests for more information and clarification ~ Don't turn into JoJo The Monkey Boy the second someone questions you.  Relax and respond.  Share your knowledge and help the prospect better understand.
  • No is not a bad answer ~ Don't take it personal…Next.
  • Maybe is the "Worst" answer ~ Don't let "maybes" clog up your pipeline.  I remember when I was young I had a prospect that kept telling me maybe.  I would point to that as THE big deal that was coming.  Guess what, it never did.
  • If you practice your pitch you will get better ~ Like anything else practice makes perfect.  Work on your presentation then get out and do it.  Learn from every presentation and you will be successful.

Relax, focus on helping and you will become a sales person.