About Mike


I’m Mike Bowers. OK now what should I write?

I get a paycheck from Columbus State Community College where I work as the Director of the Center for Workforce Development. I work with businesses to help address their workforce needs by connecting them to various academic programs of the college as well as assisting in the job placement of qualified students at Columbus State. So expect for some job search career advice posts.

Before that I spent 11 year as the District Director of the Ohio Small Business Development Center at Columbus State. I worked closely with entrepreneurs and business owners to assist them in building their companies. In reality I have worked with entrepreneurs and business owners for over 25 years. During this time I have built a diverse business skill set with experience in banking, private equity, strategic planning, digital media and marketing that I hope to use to help you make your dreams of business ownership come true.

If it matters to you I hold a Bachelor’s degree from The University of North Alabama, with majors in Economics and Finance and a Master’s degree from The Ohio State University in Public Administration.

Mike with Gini Dietrich and Paul Evans at the Ohio Growth Summit

Mike with Gini Dietrich and Paul Evans at the Ohio Growth Summit

I want to make sure we are well connected as we begin this journey. I dig social networking although there is one specific person that told me I was to old to understand social networks (I have a big FU for that person).

Find me on Twitter as @MichaelBowers (I try to make it easy).

LinkedIn is always good if you are doing professional networking for join over 1,500 others and connect with me there at mbowers030.

If you like pictures (bad pictures in my case) hit me up on Instagram.

Feel free to email me anytime through the contact form or you can email me directly if you subscribe to my newsletter.

OK, now you know me. Let’s get to Seeking Awesome.