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Public Speaking Tips to Build Your Small Business

Once you begin to reach a level of success as a business owner you will start to get calls asking you to be a speaker. This can be a great way to get the word out on your business. It can position you as an expert. Think of public speaking as “one to many” networking.  Having said that most people can’t just show up and be an effective speaker. As a matter of fact if you aren’t careful you might hurt your business or at least your personal reputation. As much as I try to avoid it there are times where I find myself sitting in an audience listening to a presentation that is just terrible. This can be due to a number of factors, some that are out of the control of the speaker , but to be honest it’s usually the speaker.

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Learn To Embrace Failure To Succeed

Looks like I just dropped the F-Bomb. Not the one you might be thinking but rather “Failure”.

Fear of failure is paralyzing to most of us in some way. Fear of failure often keeps us from trying new things and having new experiences. Fear of failure keeps many of us locked into the status quo. Fear can keep you from living the life that you want and deserve.

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Let Customer Service Make You A Hero

I recently found myself dealing with an issue that none of my staff was involved in but it “technically” fell into my department. As I worked to piece everything together I felt like a police detective trying to solve a crime by questioning uncooperative witnesses. I spent six months on this before we came to a resolution.  More than once during this time I thought what the hell am I taking my time away from my job to fight this fight. The thing was that even though I had nothing to do with this it had to be fixed and I had to do it.

I often have new business owners tell me their value proposition is great customer service. I firmly believe that high quality customer services is expected. Saying that you have great customer service isn’t enough to get you business but bad service will certainly lose you business. The competition is to strong for anyone to take a “not my problem” position. Customers just want their problem fixed and they don’t care who fixes it.

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