I Will…

I will live life on my own terms

I will follow my passion

I will live out of my potential not my past

I will create the life I want to live

I will say “No” to the unnecessary and “Yes” what matters

I will look at failure as proof that I am pushing the envelop

I will look at “failure” as successfully finding a way not to do something rather than a defeat

I will look at each day as an opportunity learn, grow and  move my life forward

I will ask better questions

I will build true friendships

I will not let fear keep me from taking action

I will meet five new people I can help (and do that everyday)

I will be awesome!

Building Business For “Freaks”

FreaksAre you a “Freak”?

Do find it difficult to fit in without some serious effort?

Are you not a big fan or settling compromising?

Do you look for ways to allow your weirdness to be an asset, and not the deficit that people have tried to convince you it is?

Do you have a burning passion you have to share with the world?

If so are you a “Freak” and need to check out the new book by Chris BroganThe Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth. Continue reading →

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

OGS Networking 2

Networking at the Ohio Growth Summit

I have to come clean on the title. I wish I had come up with it but I got it from Chris Brogan’s new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth. I had to use it because he is right on. If you are in a small businesses the better your personal and professional network is the stronger your business will be. Continue reading →

The Secret To Managing Your Time

no-300x180I don’t know how many posts I have written about time management over the years but I know it’s a bunch. Like a lot of people I struggle to find enough time to do the things I want to get done. I think I have a decent system. I closely manage my calender. I have a to do list, Wunderlist, that I like. So why do I struggle?

I need to embrace the power of “No”. Continue reading →

Six Reasons To Go To The Ohio Growth Summit

OGS14-Website-BadgeI haven’t talked much about the Ohio Growth Summit yet but now that we are closing in on June 4 and June 5 I figured I should let you know what is up this year.

While the first Summit was held in 2005 it has it’s roots in other events I have attended or produced over my professional career. I have had the incredible fortune to be able to a attend leadership conference in Salt Lake City with Franklin Covey; a Guy Kawasaki Garage.com Bootcamp in New York City; a new media conference at Stanford and one of Carrie Wilkerson’s BOSS Conferences in Dallas. All of these motivated me to bring the best business and personal growth speakers and content to Columbus. To be honest this is the toughest thing I do every year but it’s worth it. It’s my passion to help you be better in your business and your life.

So to make sure you get the opportunity to experience the Ohio Growth Summit I wanted to give you my top 6 reasons you should attend on June 4 and 5. Continue reading →