Say “No” to “Maybe”

What would you rather get a “No” or a “Yes”? Obviously Yes. What if it is between “No” and “Maybe”? Give serious consideration to the “No” because the worst response you can get is “Maybe”. “No” gives you finality so you can move on and seek other opportunities. “Maybe “will jerk you around. It is a business killer.

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Business Owners Guide To Planning And Building A Great Website

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Want to find more customers and make more money in your business…Start with a great website. Sounds logical, right? So why is that so many business websites miss the mark with customers? It’s easy, they aren’t web developers they are business owners. When they start working on a site owners can get distracted by the bells and whistles of the site and lose focus on what customers want from the site and how to how the site can convert. Read More

Lessons From Superbowl 50 You Can Use In Your Business

The Superbowl is over, are you happy with the result?  More importantly did you learn anything from the Broncos’ victory that you can apply to your business? Here are five lessons I took away from watching the game.


Be Ready to pivot ~ Two years ago the Denver Broncos entered Superbowl 48 with a high-octain offense lead by NFL MVP Peyton Manning and they lost to Seattle 43 – 8. The following season began with similar offensive results but the Broncos lost steam late in the season and were beat by the Colts in the divisional round of the playoffs. John Elway (NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and current General Manager of the Broncos) knew that things needed to change. He let coach John Fox go, hired Gary Kubiak and shifted the personalty of the team to one dominated by defense.

Lesson Learned ~ Understand your business and be realistic in what it will take for you to accomplish your goals. There will come times when you will need to make changes. The worst thing you can do is think that you will get different results doing the same things. The second worst thing you can do is delay the inevitable and not make changes when they need to be made. Read More