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Five Quick Tips To Get Your Business Funded

Financing Made Easy (1)

I get questions from all over the country asking for tips and tricks to get financing for small businesses. To be honest I don’t know any shortcuts but there are a few things I would recommend to anyone building a business looking for money.

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Overcome The Fear Of Business Start-Up


I lead a lot of business start-up classes. I always ask why the attendees want to start a business? Typically people have decided, for whatever reason, to take control of their lives, pursue their passion and start a business. Great! The next step is to trust themselves, put in the work and create the life of their dreams.

There is one more very big thing…Push past the FEAR.

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Goal Setting In Your Small Business

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I am a big believer that if you can dream it you can do it. However, to make this work you need to go beyond the dream stage and build structure that will allow you to execute. This is where goal setting comes in. Here are a few tips that you may not have heard regarding goal setting that will allow you to actually accomplish your dreams.

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